1. Firehouse, Boston 

  2. BASS DRUM OF DEATH, Middle East Upstairs 

  3. BASS DRUM OF DEATH. Middle East Upstairs 

  4. Rick, Middle East Upstairs @ Bass Drum of Death show

  5. My beautiful grandma Jeanie passed away last night. She lived to be 94 and had all of her grandchildren beside her. 

  6. Near the Salton Sea, California

  7. Salvation Mountain, California

  8. Salvation Mountain, California 

  9. Salvation Mountain, California

  10. Salvation Mountain, California 

  11. The Salton Sea, California 

  12. Near the Salton Sea, California

  13. On the road, California Desert 

  14. San Diego, California 

  15. Real Estate playing Beach Comber live at Gundlach Bundshu Winery, Sonoma