1. Real Estate playing Beach Comber live at Gundlach Bundshu Winery, Sonoma 

  2. Real Estate, Gundlach Bundschu Winery

  3. Summer Haze, Sonoma 

  4. La Casita, Sonoma 

  5. Antique Fair, Moss Landing 

  6. Swanson Vineyards, The Sip Shoppe

  7. Mac Demarco playing Viceroy live at Loma Vista Gardens in Big Sur. 

  8. Mac Demarco playing Chamber of Reflection live at Loma Vista Gardens in Big Sur. The audio is shit, and a drunk girl won’t return his hat towards the end of the video. 

  9. Calvin Love, Loma Vista Gardens, Big Sur, California

  10. Loma Vista Gardens, Big Sur 

  11. 4th of July

  12. Tiffany, 4th of July 

  13. 4th of July

  14. Daniel, San Francscio 

  15. Homies, San Francisco